Triumphs Meaningless

Accomplishments, false

Sense of achievements stolen

Confusion remains

(Haiku linking with Tanka)

Emotions intense

Chaos, bitterness; vile

Disgusted of life

Easy, turning against all

Morales and values

(Tanka linking with Haiku)

Anger obsolete

Dominating every thoughts

Hate; darkens all worlds

Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Sunday 14th of August 2016

Running Away

From a great distance

Looking back, upon problems

Running far away

(Haiku linking with Tanka)

Against all values

Afraid of changes ahead

Life’s disturbances

Running afar, ignoring

Disappearing a while

(Tanka linking with Haiku)

Solving dilemmas

Looking directly, both eyes

Know thy enemy

Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Saturday 13th of August 2016

Easy Surrender

Right from the beginning

Criticisms were highly devoted

Stripping confidence away

Making depression, supreme ruler

Of a world already in chaos
Luckily, situations and circumstances

Left no other alternatives to choose

Turning inwards, searching for sense

Came upon the discovery of self

Exploring a world, I’ve never known
Withdrawn, shutting, locking doors

Retreated from the world

Determined to make me feel

Less of a human being, unworthy

Surrendering my life, to give up
Despite all the negativity

Grinding, constantly pushing down

Positivity prevailed, triumphant

By those who truly cares, genuine people

Shielded, protected as best they’ve could
From the shadows of despair

Continued upon my journey

Writing down feelings and emotions

Releasing, healing; more each day

I am still standing, stronger than before

Where are those, who needed to see me fall?
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Saturday 13th of August 2016

Moonlight Of Infinity

By the moonlight

Cold, surrounded by night

Under heaven’s sky

Same as the stars above

Here, in this moment

Anything is a possibility
Under the majestic Moon

Encouraged by its beauty

Influenced, enchanted

By the touches of lights

Awed into humbleness; of the divine
Drawing strength, overpowering

Willingness to be consumed

Letting the energy flow freely

Non resisting, allowing changes

Becoming anything it may, will be
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Saturday 13th of August 2016

When We Were Young

Life; a beautiful game

Courage, full of daring

Playground at night 

While stars are shinning

Invincible like shadows
Unfounded, disillusioned

Righteousness distorted

Fighting for illusions

Never existed, only in our minds

Figuring out; the purpose of life
Standing up for our friends

Fighting side by side

Only for a place to belong

A place we can call our own

Being confused with the world
A false sense of purpose

Deeper into darkness

Our paths, no longer joined

Despite our protest, change occurs

Betrayals; a common theme
Longingly dreaming

Returning to simpler times

When everything was fun

Uncomplicated, enjoying life

Having nothing; yet we were happy
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Friday 12th of August 2016

Mutual Understandings

Uncertainty, doubts and fears

Commonplace amongst mortals

As surely of nights appearance

After day retires, below the horizon

Disappearing to a land of slumber
Emotions and feelings

Connected, held together by life 

Drifting on invisible currents

The flows of an unseen river

Eyes unaware; knowingly by senses
Each and every encounter, interactions

All life, currently upon a journey

Greatest adventures of struggles

Overcoming incredible difficulties

Stories waiting, longing to be heard
Mutual understandings

Only known through hardships

The pain which always threatened 

To consume, devouring the soul

Sometimes leaving only emptiness

A feeling of nothing, just numbness
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Monday 8th of August 2016

Differences With Time

Wine, prestigious with age

Quality improves over time

Finer the wine, older the years

My childhood and adulthood

Comparisons, similarly to wine
Reckless, during childhood

Misplaced idealism of life

Confident without experiences

Discarding advices of all others

Believing own opinions were right

Grand illusions of grandeur

Greatly differs from reality
Adulthood, forced into being

From a spoiled little brat

Having all my heart desires

Always having everything my way

Selfish ambitions of shadows

Dreams, no reality embraces

Existed; only inside my mind
Anything, anywhere, anytime

Drastically altered definitions

Locked, contained, concrete walls

Replacing everything I’d once known

My life isn’t mine to call my own

Property of the state, is my claim

Not even being; in my own country
Restricted, restrained, forbidden

Of moving with the flows of time

Adapted successfully; adjusted

Forgetting the feelings of freedom

Memories fading more each day

Against all my efforts, holding on

Slipping, disappearing into nothingness
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Sunday 7th of August 2016


Spring to summer

Autumn to winter 

Seasons, periods divided

A year shared amongst another

Strangers, once upon a time

Four seasons came to be
Unexpected, chance meetings

Paths crossed; lives of strangers

Interactions with each other

Like a blessing, sent from above

Gifted, priceless; beyond measures

Strangers, once upon a time
Life; unimaginable

If they’d never appeared

Like it was always destined

Being part of each others lives

As seasons cycles a year

Ever since the first encounter

Without the presence of another

A year can not be called a year

Incomplete, missing most valuable part
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Saturday 6th of August 2016

Ready Or Not

Protected by darkness

Safe, hidden away

Shield against light

Kept in the shadows

Out of sight from harm’s way
Comfortable, repeatedly

Same actions, same results

Comfort zone prevents

Discovering what’s unknown

Safety measures; now limitations

Bounded by familiarity
Darkness, into light

Blinded; only momentarily

Differences overpowering

Senses disoriented

Dazed from sudden changes
Further towards unknown

Delving deeper into fears

Consumed by doubts

Urging common sense aside

Courage to the front lines

Ready or not; time to shine
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Friday 5th of August 2016