Rivers Of Stars

Upon a world unknown

Rivers are made of stars

Sparkling beautifully

Flowing through eternity

Magical like a dream
Dazzling, shining lights

Glittering against nights sky

Wonderment; amazed

Watching, being enchanted

Floating through timeless space
Lovely surroundings

Wondering, feeling deep down

Never again to sit by the rivers

Watching as stars passes by

knowing this will be the last time
Sadness, overwhelming pain

Hurting deeply; full of grief

Never returning, favorite place

Beyond the gloom and despairs

Realising, as a smile slowly forms

Fortunate; knowing such a place 
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Saturday 24th of September 2016


Different Worlds

Wandering through

Green, healthy fields

Signs of happiness seen

Abundance in rich resources

Everything needed is provided
These fields are the ones

That is truly known, existed

Outside the protective boundaries

Countless of others are unknown

Beyond the comfort zone and safety
Difficult, almost impossible

Experiencing the unexplored

Hard to imagine the cold

While warm and comfortable

Sleeping carefree, satisfied
Impossible knowing fear nor terror

Without travelling the unknown

Risking, stepping out from safety

Taking down all the precautions

Throwing caution with the wind
Darkness needs light

As much as light needs darkness

To know the differences

Identifying the important values

With ones own perceptions
Battles between good and evil

Arguments of right and wrongs

Forms divisions between ourselves

Fighting, hurting each other

Over things which doesn’t exist
No such things as

Right or wrong 

Good or evil

All part of the grand design

Learning and evolving
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Thursday 22nd of September 2016

Dear Haters

I wonder what’s on your minds

I wanna understand the reasons

Of the actions you’ve taken

The current course we’re travelling

Is it necessary to proceed at all
I know my life is uneventful

Perhaps of the gossips from you

Which makes my life interesting

Impossible, that your life is boring

Even more so than mine
I know my life is uninteresting

Why people pay so much attention

Can it be possible that your life

Is more worst off than my own 

Perhaps there’s nothing better to do
I know my life isn’t worth anything

Yet, your actions confuses me

Stalking day and night

Following my every move

In fact, it gives my life some meaning
Spreading hate, whispering gossips

Through my research online

The conclusion of these actions

Are based from jealousy and envy

The question remains, why?
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Wednesday 21st of September 2016

Fairy Tale Ending

Once upon a time

World of fairy tales

Revealed through books

Stories of adventures

Heroes and villains
Story of worlds

Beyond imaginations

Make beliefs and wonders

Characters in unimaginable

Circumstances invented to fail
Despite incredible odds 

Struggles, most difficult times

To surrender their quest 

Ending the hardships, giving up

Choosing instead; seeing it through
Characters of these fantasy

Created by some inner longings

Fictional beings with traces of truth

Dreams, illusions and fears 

Combined into an incredible story
Facing themselves, a mirror

Doubts and lack of self worth

Fears which suffocates them 

Even their very existence is threatened

A fairy tale ending; a dream we yearned
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Wednesday 21st of September 2016

Enter My Mind

Welcome to my mind

Excuse all the confusions

Sometimes difficult

Understanding what’s inside

Takes awhile to adjust
Spoken words represent

Only a little part of my mind

Sharing my thoughts aloud

Normally kept counsel alone

Hiding the truth deep within
Truly understanding

Falsely declared, unintentional

Even myself is lost sometimes

Confused by the thoughts inside

Afraid of the intense emotions
Whirlwind of emotions

Storming thoughts of feelings

Ferociously breaking down sanity

Smashing till there’s nothing left

Scattering the remains down unknown
Surely, a scary place to be

Full of insecurity and doubts

Barriers keeping people out

Suspicious of all that enters

Beneath the endless traps

Lay a deeply scared boy
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Sunday 18th of September 2016