I wonder what’s on your minds

I wanna understand the reasons

Of the actions you’ve taken

The current course we’re travelling

Is it necessary to proceed at all
I know my life is uneventful

Perhaps of the gossips from you

Which makes my life interesting

Impossible, that your life is boring

Even more so than mine
I know my life is uninteresting

Why people pay so much attention

Can it be possible that your life

Is more worst off than my own 

Perhaps there’s nothing better to do
I know my life isn’t worth anything

Yet, your actions confuses me

Stalking day and night

Following my every move

In fact, it gives my life some meaning
Spreading hate, whispering gossips

Through my research online

The conclusion of these actions

Are based from jealousy and envy

The question remains, why?
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Wednesday 21st of September 2016


2 thoughts on “Dear Haters

  1. Sometimes, there are just people you can ever get along with, and there’s NO way, and if you try to please everybody you meet, to get along with everybody, you’ll end up, losing sight of who you are, because of your deeprooted desires to be liked by everybody, NOBODY is liked by EVERYBODY in the world…


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