Wandering through

Green, healthy fields

Signs of happiness seen

Abundance in rich resources

Everything needed is provided
These fields are the ones

That is truly known, existed

Outside the protective boundaries

Countless of others are unknown

Beyond the comfort zone and safety
Difficult, almost impossible

Experiencing the unexplored

Hard to imagine the cold

While warm and comfortable

Sleeping carefree, satisfied
Impossible knowing fear nor terror

Without travelling the unknown

Risking, stepping out from safety

Taking down all the precautions

Throwing caution with the wind
Darkness needs light

As much as light needs darkness

To know the differences

Identifying the important values

With ones own perceptions
Battles between good and evil

Arguments of right and wrongs

Forms divisions between ourselves

Fighting, hurting each other

Over things which doesn’t exist
No such things as

Right or wrong 

Good or evil

All part of the grand design

Learning and evolving
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Thursday 22nd of September 2016


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