Worthy Of The Risk

Inhale, exhale

Chest straining; struggling for breath

Regular panic attacks

Accustomed, even expected

Drenched by cold sweat of fears
Moment of truth has arrived

Waiting around unknowing

The results from choices made

Doubting, asking oneself

Why you even attempt such things
Time, dreadfully slow

Clicking on for eternity

Fears infiltrated all thoughts

Swirling around and around

Creating illusions from weaknesses
Afraid of failure

Scared of letting others down

Becoming a disappointment

In the eyes of those that matters

Paralyze, unable to move
Digging down, somewhere deep

Finding the strength and courage

Pushing till the end

Results doesn’t even matter

The risk is worthy of it all
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Friday 16th of September 2016


Accepted Fate

What shall be, will be

Resistance is futile

Against nature’s flow

Disturbances; inflicts chaos

Towards a path of darkness
Harmony off balance

Inner struggles multiple

Torments unbearable

Forever wandering around

Following illusions bound
Life’s journey; purposes

Agreed upon long ago

Sacred pacts formalised

Destiny guided by fate

Pointless walking another path
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Thursday 15th of September 2016