Looking at my life

It has changed dramatically

Feels like two different lives

Sharing the same body and mind

Perhaps unaccepting of the other
I can’t helped but compare

Trying to figure out the changes

Which version of me was better

Maybe it’s not an improvement 

Perhaps worser than before
My younger years zoomed by

Everything was done in a hurry

Never known to be patient

Always rushing somewhere

Enjoying, perhaps a little too much
All the things which gone unnoticed

Didn’t have the time to identify

What were important to me

Self absorbed and naive 

Too much daring for my own good
Now been much older

I tend to over think things

Seems my self confidence has gone

Along with my courage and daring

Resulting in nothing being done
To be continue
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Monday 17th of October 2o16


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