Letter To Self 13/10/2016

Dear self,

It’s been ages since you’ve written to yourself. Been too busy ha? Or perhaps writing to yourself is a lil strange?

Anyways, you’re forgetting to unload your emotions, keeping it pent up inside again. You don’t wanna lose control again and explode do you? Release.

There are thinking beyond your control, stressing out about it wouldn’t change a thing. Even though you’re terrified of what may or may not happen. Death comes to us all eventually, just make the most of whatever time is remaining. Especially to those that matters, they need you more than ever, probably more scared than you are. Suck it up soldier, be there and be their strength like always.

You’ve recently became official, being published for the first time. Not self published, but a real literature journal. So, I think you must start acting like a poet and grow your beard long and wearing long ancient robes. It suits you I think. As long as no one sees you at least.

Can’t believe it’s almost the end of the year. It’s gone by so quickly ha? Your just old now, who writes letters to himself. Insane much?

I almost forgot, reply back to those that took their time, to even bother taking their time commenting. Stop being such a jerk.





People say life is grand

A gift from heavenly divine

To be enjoyed every day

I truly wonder if they knew

Or believed those words themselves
People say life is beautiful

Filled with wonder and awe

Without any doubts at all

They’d been through their share

Of hardships and struggles
People say, only positive things

Leaving darkness where it deserves

Perhaps pain is too raw to bare

Leaving opened wounds alone

Creating an aura of illusions around
People say many things

Which may not make sense then

Understood later on in time

Everyone has their own story 

To share or not? Simply up to them
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Thursday 13th of October 2016

Life’s Dilemmas

Nightmares are blessings

Disguised, misunderstood

Revealing deepest of fears

Hidden beneath protective shields

Darkness; easiest laying blame
Afraid, venturing towards unknown

Towards a future of uncertainty

Fearful to disappoint trusting hearts

Terrified, letting them down

Especially; seeing it in their eyes
Petrified, being left behind

Jumping at ones own shadows

Being forgotten as if never existed

For all the suffering and pain

Was for nothing but a sick game
As my road to redemption continues

More of myself is revealed

Perhaps more than I would of liked

Yet it’s my journey to take

For better or worst; time shall tell
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Wednesday 12th of October 2016

Rise And Fall

Wandering around

Searching near and far

Beneath the surface

Above the endless sky

Seeking, similar to wind
Rising above expectations

Overcoming all odds

Heights of achievements

Potential at it’s peak

Code of ethics misplaced 
Predictions of the future

Isn’t difficult to see

What goes up, must come down

Nothing shall last forever

Despite noble intentions 
As the winds of change

Goes rushing by

As the sands of time

Continues slipping by

Legacy, memories; left behind
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Tuesday 11th of October 2016

Remember Yesterday

Looking back from before

A reminder of yesterday

From simpler moments

Waking with the sunlight

Sleeping alongside moonlight
Purity, diluted over time

Maintaining what was, impossible

Only the essence remains

Lingering like a sweet fragrance 

Beautiful yet bittersweet
Memories, only fragments

Distorted with fantasy and dreams

Selected memories kept

Discarding unpleasant; unwanted

Items, useless possessions 
Replacing emotions and feelings

From sadness with happiness

Painful, changes to joyful 

Winter’s frost; summer’s breeze

Delighted for another yesterday
Copyright by Tan Nguyen 

Monday 3rd of October 2016