I’d always thought 
Myself as being strong

In fact, opposite were true
Thoughts kept secret

Locked safely away

Inner emotions unharmed
Pain and suffering

Handled alone, quietly

Unable to burden others

Problems which are my own
In my eyes

I thought I was being strong
In others eyes

I was pushing them away
Withdrawing from everyone

Refusing anyone near

Only wanting to protect them

Hurting them instead

Of protecting them from the pain
Instead of being strong

Weak is closer to reality

Wrong way around
Happiness is to be shared

Even sadness and hurt

Especially those love ones

They feel your pain anyway 
Written by Tan Duc Thanh Nguyen

Wednesday, 29th March 2017


2 thoughts on “Wrong Way Around 

  1. You described such in-depth feeling so well. As a person who keeps herself to herself, I feel the same way! It would be blissful if everyone could be accompanied by someone kind and supportive, to open our heart in front of him/her that has been locked for years at ease. Having a confidant that stands by our side is always an irreplaceable treasure.

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