In A World Of Maybes

‚ÄčIn A World Of Maybes 
Regrets linger

Between two worlds

A role forever played
Reality or fantasy

Dreams within desires

Maybe; alternative universe

What could of been
If choices were different

Faces of now, never be

Replaced by if only

Excuses endlessly blamed

Thoughts never existed
Maybe, maybe

Circumstances are better

Perhaps opposite is true

In a world of maybes

Exist a place for dreams

Hope thrives, survives
Written by Tan Duc Thanh Nguyen 

January 27th 2017

Dear Self 26/01/2017

Dear self,

It has taken 26 days into the new year to remember writing to you. It ain’t slack, just been busy. By busy I meant I’d forgotten.

So the decision to take writing to another level has been made eh? You had taken your sweet time making up your mind. About time.

Hopefully this year will outshine the last. Seems impossible to do but as you know, nothing seems out of reach. The results of last is the perfect example. Risked were taken yet gained a thousandfold.

Anyways, back to sleep, I mean back to being busy.

Take care you.

Eyes Of Another

Through the eyes of another

To see what they see

Different perception of life
Wild creatures in the fields

Playful by nature

Without worry nor responsibility

Through the open fields they ran

Sense of freedom, we’ll never know
Creatures of the wide open ocean

Vast territory to explore

Secrets of the deep; only they know

What an amazing adventure that would be

A whole new world we barely touched
Through the eyes of another human

Especially those that experienced much

Sorrow, pain and heartbreak

Tormented by regret and blame

Only then shall we truly understand

The simplest, smallest of efforts

May mean everything to those who has none
Written by Tan Duc Thanh Nguyen

January 16th 2017


For the longest time

Hatred controlled my thoughts

Turned my heart into stone
Truly believed I was left behind

While life continued on without me

Till envy and jealousy overflowed

Truth be told; fault was my own
Refused to move with time

Stubbornly stayed in the past

Watched as everyone slowly fade away

Until a stranger to myself I am
Realization resulted by acceptance

Truth shall never fade from existence

Always lurking in the background

Patiently awaits when it’s time

Glorious, beautiful; lessons of life
Written by Tan Duc Thanh Nguyen 

Thursday 13th 2017

Art Of Poetry


How wonderful

Magnificent you are

Showing me places

I’d never imagined
Blessed relief

From years of pain

Healing begins within

A lesson taught by you

Truly a modern day miracle
Oh poetry,

Where would I be now?

If we never crossed paths

Most likely still lost

Wandering around without a clue
I thank you dear poetry

For opening locked doors

Showing me a brand new world

In the past I scoffed at the word

It wasn’t time; I wasn’t ready yet
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Wednesday 19th of October 2016

Me Against The World ( Lyric )

Most of my life

Has been impressing others

Only ending being blamed

Gone out of my way

To be shoved aside
Me against the world

When I was down on the ground

They walked right over me

Without a care in their thoughts

Why should I waste my time on them?
Making everybody happy

Impossible to even try

Sooner or later

The ones you would of died for

Will eventually leave
Me against the world

When I was down on the ground

They walked right over me

Without a care in their thoughts

Why should I waste my time on them?
How many days and nights

Spent crying from hopelessness

The pain and suffering I’ve felt

Was nothing but entertainment

Enjoying my torment, misery
Me against the world

When I was down on the ground

They walked right over me

Without a care in their thoughts

Why should I waste my time on them?


Looking at my life

It has changed dramatically

Feels like two different lives

Sharing the same body and mind

Perhaps unaccepting of the other
I can’t helped but compare

Trying to figure out the changes

Which version of me was better

Maybe it’s not an improvement 

Perhaps worser than before
My younger years zoomed by

Everything was done in a hurry

Never known to be patient

Always rushing somewhere

Enjoying, perhaps a little too much
All the things which gone unnoticed

Didn’t have the time to identify

What were important to me

Self absorbed and naive 

Too much daring for my own good
Now been much older

I tend to over think things

Seems my self confidence has gone

Along with my courage and daring

Resulting in nothing being done
To be continue
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Monday 17th of October 2o16

Forever Years

Dusts blown away

Carried along by the wind

Erasing traces of lives

Evidence, saying we were here

Blown away throughout time
Rainfalls, washing away

Proof that we once existed

Finishing wind’s left overs

Footprints of those from yesterday

Left imprinted in the sands; forgotten
In a hundred years from now

Others shall walk the same paths

Without knowing there were others

Sharing the same feelings and pain

Experiencing similar problems
Life, doesn’t last long

Never seems to be enough

No matter how hard we tried

Unfair, leaving those behind

To walk through life alone
Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Sunday 16th of October 2016


N ight after night

I mages full of horror

G hostly figures

H aunts unrelentingly

T ime after time

M anaging to instill fears

A wakening scariest thoughts

R eliving all the terrors

E verytime shadows appear

Copyright by Tan Nguyen

Sunday 16th of October 2016