Introduction Of Myself

Introducing myself is tricky,
Trying to find the right words,
To avoid sounding up myself,
Maybe I am a poet, perhaps not,
Maybe I am a writer, probably bored.

Writing came to me,
When I was at my darkest place,
I never expected to be a writer,
Even in my most wildest dreams,
It has helped me to heal,
Wounds which I never thought,
Were even treatable.

It came suddenly and unexpectedly,
Guess I am a writer of poetry,
My perceptions of a poet,
Thanks to William Shakespeare,
Is those funny people,
Wearing tight clothes,
Speaking in some funny language,
Acting on stage and talking to skulls.

Rumours were heard,
That a poet needed to cut of,
The thing that makes me a man,
My thoughts on poets,
Were really inaccurate, such a relief,
Misinformation, probably obtained,
By watching some television show,
Leading me to believe,
Being a poet was a strange thing.

As I continued to write down,
All the thoughts in my mind,
Learning everything I could,
Into this new strange world,
I can’t expressed my relief,
When I found out my views on poets,
Were totally wrong,
Embracing my new passion,
Enjoying the experiences,
Belonging, finally in a place,
I feel I am with others,
Similar to me.