Dedication to Tupac
By Tan

We was once young and stupid, but we have heart

Support what’s real, not the phonies, judge by people’s actions, not their words

Pretending to be something your not, sooner or later, the truth will come out

All it takes is a single slip, and the real person is revealed, watch them closely and you shall see

Promoting good is dangerous, that’s why people choose to promote hate, it’s safer

When has charity given to those who does good, who promotes goodness in a community

When another country has disasters happening, like being bombed, many countries rushed to give millions of dollars in aid

Yet can’t give that to the people that needs it, in their own country, or to those that promotes good

Only when violence is committed, that’s when the money comes in, so ask yourselves, what’s the point in doing good, if that’s the case

If a hotel says they have no food, but you know on the other side of that door, they are throwing good everywhere, after you ask them to give you some, and they refused, how would you feel, when you know it’s there

Asking doesn’t work, so you beg, beg for some of that food that’s being wasted, to no change in attitude

After weeks of asking, hunger strikes, desperation sets in, all that asking politely and begging for food, what do you think will happen next

Breaking in, knocking down that door, in order not to die of starvation, for food that’s being thrown around, going to waste

That’s the mentally of society these days, judging others for behaving badly, yet not knowing the whole story

Tan Nguyen


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