Eternal flame

Eternal flame of life, flickering on the verged of disappearing.

Fluttering, flickering, almost as if life is about to end. Representing as a symbolic gestures, describing exactly our daily challenges.

Shuddering, little flame blowing against the winds. Swaying to and fro, unsteady rhythm as the dance continues on.

Finally with a last dance, chaotic movements, irregular style. As if it knew the time has come, putting on a performance which stuns the audiences.

A final flicker of flame, blinking once, than no more at all. Fighting a good fight until the very end, flames of life, gone once more.

Written by Tan Nguyen
1st of December 2015


Cry into the night

Cry into the night

A sound is heard,
The cries shattering the silence,
Night interrupted with piercing noise,
Faint at first, intensified gradually,
Increasing in volume and desperation,
Penetrating the defences,
Breaking through the guards,
Tearing at you soul,
Covering the ears, unbearably torture,
Causing the ears to explode,
Blood rushing from the ears and eyes,
Smashing all the glass within reached,
Even the mind feels like popping,
Still the cries shrieks louder,
Desperation worsten,
Sounds turns into a punching blow,
Defying the laws of physics,
Heart breaking, sadness, so much of it,
In the voice alone, tearing into the soul,
No one should endure such pain, ever,
Destroying senses, everything in pieces,
Broken down, destroyed, no more,
Reality unexpected punches your face,
Realising now, something strange,
The voice sounds familiar,
Heard it before somewhere,
Where? You do not know,
Wait, it’s your own.

Written by Tan Nguyen
30th of November 2015

Laying in wait, secong coming

Laying in wait, second coming

Confessions burning as brightly as stars,
Aiming powerful beams, centre stage,
Focusing attention on a lone figure,
Crowd as silent, waiting in anticipation,
Eerily silence, afraid to even breathe,
Heightening the interest and curiosity,
Wanting to know what confessions,
To be revealed this strange night.

Foul creature that came to the fore,
That awful foul creature with purpose,
Knowing only of destructiveness,
Confessions being revealed,
I am the one guilty, opening the gates,
Letting this creature into the world,
Letting it destroy everything in my world,
Hurting those I care about,
Hurting those I even loved,
Truth be told, a simple truth,
It held the strength, I desperately sought,
In the battles of my struggles, to succeed,

Fighting negatives with negatives,
Makes the whole world dark,
Depression is known from these places,
Consuming everyone in it, sooner or later,
Negative with negative,
Will make the world cease to exist.

Written by Tan Nguyen
30th of November 2015

So close, yet so far

So close, yet so far

In the distance, far into the horizon,
Coming into view, barely identifying it,
Appearing as a fragment, in shadows,
Looking as if it were stuck in between,
Between reality and illusion, undecided,
Each advancing step, shadows becoming,
Clearer as the gap in between closes,
No longer a shadow, forming into life,
Catching with horizon, after many steps,
Excitement begun filling the heart,
Realizing your dreams, that awaits you,
Steps are now longer, with hapiness now,
Bouncing with joyful steps, towards dreams,
Finally able to see, the results of struggles,
Everything you’ve experienced in life,
Suddenly feeling, it was worth it.

Taking a step into your dreams,
Finally making it at last,
Vanishing swiftly, before a smile formed,
Misty clouds, as thick and dark as fear,
With monstrous winds, blowing mightily,
Your dreams are blown away completely,
Reading all traces it was even there,
Leaving no evidence it even existed,
Only a foot entered, before it vanished,
Heart falling to the ground,
Your spirits crushed,
So close in arriving to your destination,
Having a foot inside the doors,
Yet so far, it’s hard to take.

Written by Tan Nguyen
30th of November 2015

Laying in wait

Laying in wait

Ain’t afraid anymore of the darkness,
Already experiencing the worst in life,
Knowing the feelings of being forgotten,
The relentless struggles of oneself,
Screaming with all your might,
No sounds are heard from the effort,
Longing for something to come your way,
Anything at all, as your own.

Afraid of what’s hidden beneath,
Foul creature without a heart,
Only purpose in life was destruction,
Negative forces controlling their pet,
Unleashed upon the world once before,
Seen the destructive nature first hand,
With all my strength I denied accessed,
For I feel, what would happened,
If it resurfaced into the world again,
How many victims would it claimed,
How many would be hurt this time,
Feeling it gaining strength,
Barely able to keep the animal in check,
Overpowering what’s left of me.

Written by Tan Nguyen
30th of November 2015

Camouflage and deceptions

Camouflage and deceptions

Possessing a powerful mentality,
Greatest asset you will ever have,
Durability through the toughest of days,
Unbreakable and reliable, lasting a life,
Flexibility, ability to adapt with change,
Strength being camouflage with illusions,
False measurements enduring difficulty,
All the battles, the bumps in the way,
Determination in seeing things through,
Unwilling to give up until success achieved,
Deceptions knocking you on the ground,
Leading you astray, abandoning alone,
What’s true, turning out to be false,
What’s false, turning out to be true,
Confusing your mind, until it’s twisted,
Broken in a heap, unwanted in society
Deceptions win wars, but not with life,
Camouflage amongst the forces of the world.

Written by Tan Nguyen
30th of November 2015

After life expectations

After life expectations

Living a full life on Earth,
Travelling the paths we have chosen,
Struggling each way, learning always,
Upon reaching the end of the road,
Accomplishing our purpose, moving on,
Otherwise we will be Earth bound,
Without a body for the rest of eternity.

Many different stages in life,
The one we know and the one after life,
Dimensions, altercations, different realms,
Steps towards enlightenments are set,
Set forth by the creator of universe,
Challenging always, of our strengths,
Evolving into a higher form,
Becoming one with the Gods,
That is the ultimate destination.

Written by Tan Nguyen
30th of November 2015

Movement of the pen

Movement of the pen

Flowing endlessly without effort,
From the feelings within my heart,
Translating the emotions unto words,
Sharing the most private thoughts,
With people from all over the world,
Direct from the heart and soul,
Written with ink onto blank pages,
Moving effortlessly, without thoughts,
Words forming on its own, into sentence,
Before anyone noticed, a paragraph,
Healing through expressions, less tension
Releasing the building up of pressures.

Sometimes the ink is seen crying,
Sometimes the ink is seen bleeding,
Sometimes the ink is seen laughing,
Sometimes the ink is really angry,
The pen feels inks emotions,
Sharing moments of intimacy,
Always making sure ink isn’t alone,
Always making sure ink knows pens there,
Pen and ink are best friends forever,
Taking on the world together.

Written by Tan Nguyen
30th of November 2015

Performing Brillance

Performing Brilliance

As the lights gently touches the sky,
Making the Heavens come alive,
Tenderness felt in the transition,
Carefully easing the night from the sky,
Performing brilliantly everyday,
Repeating the performances flawlessly,
Deserving the best performance award,
For the consistency and dedications,
Lightening up the world with colour,
Revealing the beauty of nature,
With sleepy eyes, waking up to the divine,
Warmth wrapping its arms around you,
Feeling the love from the embrace,
Masterful performance,
Standing ovation all across the land,
Even the birds joining in the celebration,
Honouring you with their chirping,
For they are happy each day,
Showing their respect, in their own way,
Happy melody as the birds sing their praise.

Written by Tan Nguyen
30th of November 2015

Regained Lights from Strangers

Regained Lights from Strangers

Standing, facing the world alone,
The darkest of all places, called home,
Driven into madness of guilt and shame,
Insanity has now turned into my world,
Illogical thoughts ruling each days,
Many strangers reaching out their hand,
In the end, I turned my back on the world.

The worthlessness being felt,
Constantly reminding me how useless,
Unworthy of anything good in life,
Withdrawn from the people and world,
Kept myself in eternal torment,
Punishing myself harshly each moment,
Self destructing beyond repair,
Broken, torned into little shreds,
Thrown into the ocean, into the winds,
Impossible to recover all the pieces.

Rebirth from the destruction,
Of my formal self, nothing remaining,
Unrecognizable of the person I was,
Death came into my life twice,
Changed my situation and myself,
Totally from who I was, surroundings,
At first I thought it was a curse,
But it was really a blessing in disguised.

From the ashes I was reborned,
My transformation wouldn’t be complete,
Without the kindness of a stranger,
As the echoes travelled from wall to wall,
Travelling far and wide, seeking help,
Came an unexpected answer from,
The last person I would even dare think,
Surprised with absolute shock,
Divine intervention, without a doubt,
Destiny, paths destined to crossed paths,
Smiling from above, shining down at me.

Being my light in the darkness,
Coming at a time when I needed it most,
Couldn’t be coincidence, just by chance,
The Divine had planned this, long ago,
The greatest friendship being forged,
When nothing is expected in returned,
Giving willingly, as it’s their intentions,
Without claiming anything from deeds,
Giving me something more valuable,
Priceless, my faith in the world again,
Something to fight for, to suffer for,
Most of all, to die trying.

Written by Tan Nguyen
29th of November 2015