Camouflage and deceptions

Possessing a powerful mentality,
Greatest asset you will ever have,
Durability through the toughest of days,
Unbreakable and reliable, lasting a life,
Flexibility, ability to adapt with change,
Strength being camouflage with illusions,
False measurements enduring difficulty,
All the battles, the bumps in the way,
Determination in seeing things through,
Unwilling to give up until success achieved,
Deceptions knocking you on the ground,
Leading you astray, abandoning alone,
What’s true, turning out to be false,
What’s false, turning out to be true,
Confusing your mind, until it’s twisted,
Broken in a heap, unwanted in society
Deceptions win wars, but not with life,
Camouflage amongst the forces of the world.

Written by Tan Nguyen
30th of November 2015


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