Forever Time

Forever Time
In the forever times

Stuck by history as it repeats itself

A cycle which never ends
As the years drags on by

More we learn, the less we know

One by one, we lose the things we hold dear
Eventually if time is allowed to play out

The outcome is normally the same

Opposite of the person we wanted to be
In this life

There’s only one chance

To fall or rise above it all 
Written by Tan Duc Thanh Nguyen 

Monday, 21 August 2017


Untitled Lyric

I – Life doesn’t always go according to plan…. Often left vulnerable and exposed. 
II – Nights are spent, wishing to be anyone but me. Any other life but my own.
III- Although I’ve tried…. Loving myself is the hardest of all.  Hating myself makes it easier to bare. 
It ain’t perfect

More like a defect 

Yet it’s mine, my very own
Written by Tan Duc Thanh Nguyen

Monday, 21 August 2017

Ideals, dreams and justice. Part 2

Ideals, dreams and justice. Part 2

People see quick to judge though, to judge before even knowing what really happened or knowing the truth. They can easily judge a person that tries, even they, themselves don’t even lift a finger.

People blame the politicians for indecent and immoral behaviours. In my opinion, it’s the voting system in itself. The aim of the game is to gather the most votes. Therefore that is the aim of all politicians. Can you blame them for that, when it’s the very thing they need. Over the years, the system were exploited by many clever minds around the world. Finding loopholes, weaknesses within the system. They have been found out, yet there’s no changes to the system. With weaknesses revealed, how long you think before that weakness is used, infiltrating something that affect your lives.

Sure, the system is there for the illusion of giving the people a voice, a day to where their country is heading. In truth, many don’t give a damn. Walking pass outstretched hands, desperately begging for help. If a person doesn’t care or feel bad for walking pass without stopping,  how can they care about a country and its people. That person is part of the people, in the same country. Perhaps there wasn’t a video camera, recording such generosity.

Each day, society is declining and no one really cares. It’s as if they don’t care anymore or are to tired to voice their opinions anymore. I was told, if something is important, I needed to be willing to die for it. This is now, the question which must be asked about society. What does your fellow countrymen means to you. How much does your neighbours mean to you. How much love is left in humanity, to stand one last time together and fight, to keep what our ancestors died for.

Tan Nguyen

Continuous till never

Continuous into myth

As the waves moves during the night
Unseen motions in the darkness
Calming sounds, soft melody of crashing waves
Nature’s music, uncompared majestic creation
In a thousand years, waves are still in motion
Our life struggles, long ago forgotten
Importance of life, is continous flows
Passing on knowledge, passing on experiences
In hopes of being  remembered
Till the end of times, as long as possible
In life, many darkness finds us
Dragging our souls, ripping us apart
Levels of depressions, different pain
Many forms of darkness, always seeking
From despair to lost of hope
Even losing oneself, falling of the paths
Throughout the journey, surprised to survive
Shocked at still being able to stand
Only just, by a hairs length
In crawling through the challenges and trials
For ourselves, it’s one of the most valuble
Most important achievements, accomplished
Without anyone else, congratulating our success
Personal accomplishments are worth
More than any medals or awards
Given by those, with no idea what we went through
As the years passes by, the waves continues
Decades gone, approaching centuries
Waves of the oceans, ensuring always
Memories of life, which lived
Fading each passing day

Tan Nguyen

Descriptions of dreams

Describing dreams

Dreaming reality away, with my mind drifting into another world. In this dimension, things suddenly becomes a possibility which were not in reality. I’m this world, nothing is forbidden, nothing is against the rules, anything is allowed, as long as I am able to think it. Flying through the air, or exploring the oceans and the cities untouched by human hands.

Dreaming of things which makes me happy, dreaming the world away. Escaping into another dimension, where happiness is found. Uncaring if it’s illusions, unreal, matters not one bit. As far as I am concern, it’s real to me.

A world where fantasy comes true, wished are granted, and disappointments doesn’t belong. Anything I desire is right here, in this world, waiting for me to grab it. A moments respite from the daily troubles, which makes my head hurts. A vocation for just a little while, being free from reality. Enjoying the dreams in this beautiful world.

Limits are set by my own accord, letting my imagination go wild. Expanding my creativity each time, exploring with ideas of what makes me smile. Mixing combinations together and see if it works out. Creating more worlds within, being proud of what’s created. Imaginations emerging as reality, dreams becoming reality, problems beginning to emerged.

Dreaming of dreams, fulfilling fantasy and always being happy. Resulting in self destructions. Unable to notice the difference, between dreams or reality, wanting to stay in dreams, making it reality. Giving up, only wanting to sleep, only wanting to dream. Because it is a world that’s mine. Yet it’s becoming dangerous. No longer wanting reality, no longer wanting to open the eyes anymore.

Being lost within illusions, created on my own. Trapping myself with my creativity, no longer belonging in the real world, out there is now nightmares , making this dream world, a new reality

Tan Nguyen

Longing for anything

Longing for anything

Beneath my feet, the world begins to shake, rumbling and groaning as the groups splits apart

Opening the gates into hell, revealing to the world it’s not a story, invented to scare little kids

Heat hot enough to melt skins, appearing suddenly, harming anything it comes near

Gravity is working the opposite way, pushing everything upwards, towards the heavens

All around are people screaming and running, objects being lifted upwards, dramatic unlike anything beforeĀ 

Strangest things were happening, the heat doesn’t have affect, gravity wasn’t pulling upwards, nothing was happening like the others

Like being in a dream, nothing seems real, like a tourist on holiday in foreign lands

Fascinated of the things happening all around, observing everything with keen eyes

Realization came, it came hard, the visions were reflecting the turmoil within, crying out for attention, screaming for help, losing all sense of directions, perhaps losing all senses

Tan Nguyen

Most precious of all

Most precious of all

Most precious of all, money has no value, comparing with inner battles

When darkness descends, challenging everything in the world, destroying faith and beliefs

Surrounded by millions yet feeling so alone, not trusting anything, lost faith long before

Memories created since birth, joyful moments of happier times, captured and kept safe

Recalling the images anytime, during those darkest of days, discovering the strength within

Valuable of the rarest, deemed as irreplaceable, priceless is it’s worth

Tan Nguyen

Letter to myself 14/10/2015 pt2

Dear myself,

Continuing on from the other letter. At the moment, it’s a different challenge, a trial that differs from all the others. All the other trials and challenges, were based on strength and the abilty to withstand the pressure. This trial doesn’t sound that difficult, but it’s turning out to be the biggest and hardest one yet.

Discovering ourselves, to look within ourselves, to know and understand the person within. We are complicated, always joked about being out worst enemy, that it will be ourselves which destroys us, didn’t know it was true. Right now, that is the path and feelings at the moment. And for the first time, you don’t have the confidence, that everything will be alright, this time it’s really real, the possibility of failing a challenge for the first time. In the past, only reason why we succeeded, was because someone always came, at the right time, to add what we needed to succeed. This time, isolating yourself, how will they know where to find us.

There’s only one option remaining. That’s logical and perhaps the best solution. Finding that motivation and determination and that drive once more. Maybe you have forgotten. There was someone I once remembered, that didn’t have anything in this world. He went out and made a name for himself. At the age of 14, he had the result of the adults. Not his parents, but adults who were hard to the core. The original tough man, whom seekef his advise and followed his wishes. It was because of respect.

Well, unsure if you remember this person. It’s been too long ago, but I won’t forget the way he thought and what he did. To reach that level so young. When people looked down on him. The more people say that he was worthless, that he won’t succeed. The more they laugh at him. The more they hated him. The more strength it gave him.

Through steer determination, he succeeded through all the odds. It’s an incredible story, hopefully you may be able to remember this guy.

Now the decisions are before us. We can give up, roll over, and fade away from life and be forgotten again. Or survive and prove to everyone that your worth more than money. More priceless than the rarest of rare. Each day your alive, is irritating to them. Each breath is driving a nail in the head. Maybe you are able to remember that person I mention before. That person was you.

Survive. Succeed. Prove to them all. Of who you are

Tan Nguyen

Letter to myself 14/10/2015

Dear myself,

Being your voice of reason and logic, isn’t something people would understand. We are crazy ain’t we? In a good way though, if there’s a good way.

All through our lives, it’s always the same. Really don’t know what people expect from us. Maybe we created an illusion we couldn’t handle. Or wore a mask that we shouldn’t of. In any case, it will always be just us. Crazy or not, why does it matter what people think. They can only judge when things goes wrong. That’s the only time they will appear. All the pretense is just that. No matter what they say.

Don’t know why we even bother to lift a finger anymore. The amount of things we need to handle daily and then all of the dramas. No wonder why we are crazy, it’s a miracle it ain’t a crazy that loses all senses of thoughts. It’s only having a conversation with ourselves. Not harming anyone so why should they even judge. Who gave them the right to judge others. It helps us and that is all that matters.

All our lives we try and make others around us happy. Doing what they want, doing things for them. We don’t owe them anything yet time and time again, we always receive the negative effects from it. Standing there handling the blow out, picking ourselves back up, while the are happy and moving on with their lives, not for a moment be worried if we made it out okay.

We lived a life not knowing who we are, how sad is that? In not knowing who we are,  the real person, not the person people expect us to be. Changing ourselves to fit in, to be accepted. Buried within, by all those mask we were. Losing ourselves in the process, while no one even have a moment’s thought about us. It’s enough, it’s time to stand, and stand alone.

The mistakes we made in our times, that’s already been accepted long ago. I think we learnt enough and suffered enough. How many times can a person crack without having damage done. Without negative results. And yet people still expect you to be sane? Makes me wonder, whose the sane one.

Selfish acts and hate will lead us down a path we don’t want to go. Then what other choices are there? Turning our back on the world again? Isolating ourselves once more. Fading into being forgotten, no longer existing?

Tan Nguyen