Introduction of myself


Introduction of myself

Introducing myself is tricky,
Trying to find the right words,
To avoid sounding up myself,
Maybe I am a poet, perhaps not,
Maybe I am a writer, probably bored.

Writing came to me,
When I was at my darkest place,
I never expected to be a writer,
Even in my most wildest dreams,
It has helped me to heal,
Wounds which I never thought,
Were even treatable.

It came suddenly and unexpectedly,
Guess I am a writer of poetry,
My perceptions of a poet,
Thanks to William Shakespeare,
Is those funny people,
Wearing tight clothes,
Speaking in some funny language,
Acting on stage and talking to skulls.

Rumours were heard,
That a poet needed to cut of,
The thing that makes me a man,
My thoughts on poets,
Were really inaccurate, such a relief,
Misinformation, probably obtained,
By watching some television show,
Leading me to believe,
Being a poet was a strange thing.

As I continued to write down,
All the thoughts in my mind,
Learning everything I could,
Into this new strange world,
I can’t expressed my relief,
When I found out my views on poets,
Were totally wrong,
Embracing my new passion,
Enjoying the experiences,
Belonging, finally in a place,
I feel I am with others,
Similar to me.


Big Differences


Big Differences
Written by Tan Nguyen

I had never realised,
Until I started writing a poetry book,
Maybe it’s the pressure,
Perhaps it’s the doubts,
Which consumes my waking thoughts.

Whatever may be the reasons,
I feel there’s a big difference,
In writing poetry for myself,
To putting a book together,
It’s a new experinece for me,
So much so that I can’t,
Even write one single poem,
Since I started my project.

Has the doubt became so great,
Without my noticing it,
Maybe I am not ready,
For such a huge step forward,
I know the answer myself,
It’s being afraid,
Of what others will think and say.

Big differences in writing,
Writing for myself is healing,
Writing for someone else,
It weighs on my mind,
Thinking I am not good enough,
Wondering what they will think,
Wondering what they will say,
Plays a big part,
In making my shy away once again.

Trying as I may,
Trying as I might,
I have this thing,
What writers named,
A writer’s block,
It was a fear of being judged,
Now I know the feeling,
Of all the other writers before me.

The end

Dear friends

Dear friends,

From this moment, I will be working on releasing my first poetry book. I’ll be going into communication blackout until it’s completed.

Take care, time for me to put all my focus and attention into the book. Email me if there’s anything important.

Tan Nguyen

Path Ahead


Path Ahead
Written by Tan Nguyen

Path ahead, an empty road,
Only the remains of fallen leaves,
Without a soul in sight,
Hearing the whispering sounds,
When the winds passes by.

Promises of loneliness,
Seems like a certainty,
Looking into the distance,
Into the path that lays ahead,
Searching for clues,
Any indications; expectations,
What the future holds.

Looking ahead, onto the road,
Unable to see any positivity,
Only by looking; unable to realised,
The surprises which are hidden,
Haven’t walked along the path,
Assumptions normally fails,
Turning out totally different,
From the images created in the minds.

Life’s journey is a sacred walk,
Personal to each individuals,
Uniquely designed, created specially,
Waiting patiently for the moment,
When we take that first step.

The end

Following You


Following You
Written by Tan Nguyen

Time always has a way,
Revealing the insecurities,
The fear that holds us back,
In letting go, persuing our feelings,
Experiencing one hundred percent,
Good feelings of emotions.

Wherever you may go,
Take my hand and lead me,
Following wherever you want,
Anyplace is beautiful with you,
Doesn’t matter where I go,
As long as you are there with me.

To the end of the world,
Take my hand, I shall follow along,
Without asking questions,
Going along for the ride,
Showing the things you see,
Making me see the same things.

There’s no places out of bounds,
No environments scary enough,
Preventing me from following you,
No place can be too dangerous,
Treacherous terrain, doesn’t exist,
Not while your here with me,
Leading wherever you wished to go.

Darkness or light, meaning the same,
Mountains are no longer,
Massively rising high into the sky,
Seemingly shrinking as time goes on,
Perhaps it’s the spell,
The enchantments causing it’s effects,
Ever since you came, my world,
Everything I once thought and knew,
Has changed tremendously,
Ever since you came into my world,
Take my hand and I shall follow,
Follow you from eternity to forever.

The end

One Thing I Know For Sure


One Thing I Know For Sure
Written by Tan Nguyen

There are many things in life,
Many questions needing answers,
Sometimes I am able,
Sometimes it leaves me confused,
Instead of finding the answers,
I am left with more questions.

One thing I know for sure,
One thing I truly believe,
I have a purpose to accomplish,
A reason for being here,
A reason for being born,
I am going to reveal a secret,
This is the truth and nothing more,
It may hurt your feelings,
I wasn’t born upon this world,
My purpose in life,
Most definitely wasn’t to pleased you.

I know it’s such a great shock,
Hopefully you will be able to recover,
Breathe deeply and relax,
Yes it’s true, the world still spins,
There are many things in life,
In which I don’t have the answers,
Life is filled with many amazing,
Beautiful and wonderful things,
Nature is all around us,
Many interesting things to explore,
Yes it’s true, there is a life,
A life outside of Facebook,
Perhap you may like to try it?
It’s where the real world is,
I’m not kidding at all, it’s a real place.

The end

Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day
Written by Tan Nguyen

Once a year there is a day,
A special day which celebrates,
Honouring the one we loved,
By asking if they will be your valentine.

The day when love is treated,
With the upmost respect,
Holding it at the highest honours,
Worthy under the banner of love,
Showering our valentine with gifts,
For love is a special and beautiful,
Shared intimately between the two.

A word which contains,
Only four letters to its name,
Probably the most powerful,
Word known to the human race,
Love can destroy or create,
Used properly it’s a thing of beauty,
Used recklessly, the lives it will,
Eventually destroy is countless,
Everyone around will be hurt,
One way or another.

Only a day in making love special,
Though I am not complaining,
Only making one day I can’t forget,
For some unforeseen situations,
If I do forget this day,
May God save me from the wrath,
Being released upon me.

The end

Nothing Last Forever


Nothing Last Forever
Written by Tan Nguyen

Faint sounds of a beating heart,
Fluttering, unstable tunes,
Silence becoming louder,
Listening for the sounds of the beats,
Straining, focusing all attention,
Searching the silence for a sign.

Shattered, toss into the flames,
Broken, destroyed, mocked in trying,
Thinking, believing that I deserved,
Something different, something special,
Foolishly pursuing a path that’s human,
Trusting the illusions,
Believing that I am actually normal.

Like a heart made of glass,
Shattered, broken on the reflection,
Distorting the images which it reflects,
Ruining the perfection on display,
Believing foolishly I am human,
Believing stupidly I was normal,
Threading on the path, risking it all,
Following emotions, throwing cautions,
Risking, tossing it into the winds.

Situations unable to present,
Circumstances which is able,
Providing the stage, unable to create,
Surroundings wasn’t intended,
For such a pursuit, for dreams to last,
Atmosphere, thick with negativity,
A breeding ground where depression,
Is at it’s height of power,
Being in it’s elements, it’s environment.

Left shaken, shattered into pieces,
Confused and dazed in thoughts,
Running on emptiness as if it were,
Numbed, numbed with hurtful feelings,
Painful emotions which threatens,
Feeling the rope tightening,
Feeling the blade digging deeply,
A miracle, it would be,
If I managed to survive,
By the end of this all.

The end

Nobody Knows


Nobody Knows
Written by Tan Nguyen

Nobody knows what’s beyond,
Further down the path,
Many people had tried,
Going beyond the boundaries,
Remained curious and always will.

A special place that’s my own,
Guardians protecting the entrance,
Looking curious down the path,
Forbidden entry for everyone,
Even the guardians longing permission,
Sacred place that’s only mine.

My safe haven in times of need,
Retreating into my special place,
Nothing is granted permission,
Even the troubles can’t follow me here,
Waiting outside the boundaries,
Along with chaos and trouble,
Denied access into the sanctuary,
Belonging only to me, nothing else.

When the world shifts it’s weight,
Throwing the heaviness onto me,
When I can’t handle anymore,
I retreat to a place that’s mine alone,
Nothing is able to touch me here,
Waiting outside until I am ready,
Recovering from the struggles,
Life seemingly enjoying,
Throwing everything my way.

In a place that’s only mine,
Escaping from the cruel world,
Applying constant pressure,
Unable even to find the time,
To breathe a sigh of relief,
In the world that I called my own,
Being safe from the world,
Only just for a little while,
Enough to catch my breat,
Resuming on with the daily struggles.

The end

A – Z


A – Z
Written by Tan Nguyen

A challenge has presented itself,
B eing in the form of poetry,
C arefully choosing my words,
D estined always in being a poet,
E asily adapting into my new world.

F orever always seeking to improve,
G one are the days of aimlessly,
H ope was found hiding in the dark,
I ight was needed in the searched,
J oy was felt when it was found.

K eeping my eyes observing,
L ooking beyond the ability I possessed,
M arvelling as always with events,
N ever believing this is my future,
O bserving, looking at the finer details.

P racticing day and night,
Q uestioning and pushing my mind,
R eaching heights never before,
S ometimes when I lay down,
T hinking of how everything unfolded.

U sually it doesn’t take long,
V isualising and projecting the answers,
W hen the time is needed,
X ray visions would be helpful,
Y earning to make my mark,
Z ooming on by as my imprint is made.

The end