Big Differences
Written by Tan Nguyen

I had never realised,
Until I started writing a poetry book,
Maybe it’s the pressure,
Perhaps it’s the doubts,
Which consumes my waking thoughts.

Whatever may be the reasons,
I feel there’s a big difference,
In writing poetry for myself,
To putting a book together,
It’s a new experinece for me,
So much so that I can’t,
Even write one single poem,
Since I started my project.

Has the doubt became so great,
Without my noticing it,
Maybe I am not ready,
For such a huge step forward,
I know the answer myself,
It’s being afraid,
Of what others will think and say.

Big differences in writing,
Writing for myself is healing,
Writing for someone else,
It weighs on my mind,
Thinking I am not good enough,
Wondering what they will think,
Wondering what they will say,
Plays a big part,
In making my shy away once again.

Trying as I may,
Trying as I might,
I have this thing,
What writers named,
A writer’s block,
It was a fear of being judged,
Now I know the feeling,
Of all the other writers before me.

The end


19 thoughts on “Big Differences

  1. Agree with Myla ……and why don’t you just use your back catalogue? …..they tell their own story ……..just need kind of compiling in some way …..and …..Ta Daaaah! … have your first book!!! 🙂


  2. Tan …..your poems are beautiful ….you can feel the mood your in when you read them …the dark AND the light….the poems tied in with your personal journey will make a fabulous book …..they SHOULD be compiled into a book ….and make that book a thing of beauty with images too ….don’t be afraid of it being a deeply personal thing …..think of all your favorite poets ….somthing of the soul about them right?
    I really believe you have a book there ALREADY:)

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