So close, yet so far

In the distance, far into the horizon,
Coming into view, barely identifying it,
Appearing as a fragment, in shadows,
Looking as if it were stuck in between,
Between reality and illusion, undecided,
Each advancing step, shadows becoming,
Clearer as the gap in between closes,
No longer a shadow, forming into life,
Catching with horizon, after many steps,
Excitement begun filling the heart,
Realizing your dreams, that awaits you,
Steps are now longer, with hapiness now,
Bouncing with joyful steps, towards dreams,
Finally able to see, the results of struggles,
Everything you’ve experienced in life,
Suddenly feeling, it was worth it.

Taking a step into your dreams,
Finally making it at last,
Vanishing swiftly, before a smile formed,
Misty clouds, as thick and dark as fear,
With monstrous winds, blowing mightily,
Your dreams are blown away completely,
Reading all traces it was even there,
Leaving no evidence it even existed,
Only a foot entered, before it vanished,
Heart falling to the ground,
Your spirits crushed,
So close in arriving to your destination,
Having a foot inside the doors,
Yet so far, it’s hard to take.

Written by Tan Nguyen
30th of November 2015


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