Performing Brilliance

As the lights gently touches the sky,
Making the Heavens come alive,
Tenderness felt in the transition,
Carefully easing the night from the sky,
Performing brilliantly everyday,
Repeating the performances flawlessly,
Deserving the best performance award,
For the consistency and dedications,
Lightening up the world with colour,
Revealing the beauty of nature,
With sleepy eyes, waking up to the divine,
Warmth wrapping its arms around you,
Feeling the love from the embrace,
Masterful performance,
Standing ovation all across the land,
Even the birds joining in the celebration,
Honouring you with their chirping,
For they are happy each day,
Showing their respect, in their own way,
Happy melody as the birds sing their praise.

Written by Tan Nguyen
30th of November 2015


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