Inner Demons

Littered with ghost
Haunted; possessed
Internal struggles
Rages on everyday

Prepared for battle
Armour, weapons
Damaged by war
Defended, protected
Left of what’s human

Mighty foes
Chaotic fightings
Weapons crying out
Armour in tears
Loud, deafening sounds

Demons; friend or foe
Sometimes being both
Labelled as evil
I’ve seen evil show love
Even being affectionate

Chaos dominates
Ruled for awhile
Confused by the labels
Of good and evil
Manipulated into being

I’ve witnessed
Goodness committed evil
Learnt not to trust
Labels made by man
Good and evil
Capable of both deeds
Given the circumstances
True nature shall be revealed

Standing on the field
Surrounded by madness
Senseless; destroying needlessly
Two forces, opposite sides
Sometimes both is needed
Unable to go through life alone

Written by Tan Nguyen
Friday 24th of June 2016

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