In Loving Memory

The world
Suddenly grieves
Sun hides behind the clouds
Tears falling from heaven
Lost; felt from all over

One of a kind
Special memories shared
Unforgettable; for a lifetime
I shall never forget
The time we’ve spent together
Forever staying with me

Now you’ve gone away
To a place I can’t follow
In my dreams I cried out
You were no longer there
To answer my calls
I wake up and it’s the same
You’re not here
Nowhere to be found

I remembered your warning
That you won’t always be here
Now that time has come
That you’re no longer with me
Though I was prepared
The impact has been hard to handle
I would give anything
Just to have one moment
To say a proper farewell

I remember you telling me
That you’re in so much pain
Suffering tremendously
Wishing your life to end
I wasn’t ready, probably never was
I was selfish, thinking about myself
When you needed me most

Instead of being there
I was afraid and ran away
Without saying farewell
Knowing you were leaving
I closed of emotions
So I won’t feel a thing
Remembering the past
All my feelings rushing back
Being that teenager again
Scolded furiously by you

Why did you have to go
To a place I can’t follow
Sometimes I hear your voice
Somewhere in the darkness
When I had lost my way
I thought I saw you
For the briefest moment
I’d probably did
Softly I said my farewells
And you slowly disappeared

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Monday 27th of June 2016


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