Deceptions and illusons

Dreaming the world away
Reality makes no sense, anymore
Perhaps the world never made sensed
Hidden from sight, the truth of reality
Rules and laws, which no one follows
Unless the benefits are towards  them
As the sun and stars from heaven
Shining down, revealing the shadows
Hidden in the darkness, with plans of negativity
Deceptions and illusions are many
Disguised as angels, while underneath are demons 
Trickery in twisted games, satisfying their urges
Plenty of illusions, confused what’s real
Doing something positive, searching within
Finding the truth, which has now became rare
Life, as beautiful as anything in the world
Can also be the most ugliest thing in the world
Deception and illusions, serves a purpose
Distorting reality, until the time comes
When your ready
To accept the truth

Tan Nguyen


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